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Sarah Silverman's town

Today my version of Base City was named after the town in Sarah Silverman's show, Valley Village, run by Mayor Whittles. I don't know a whole lot about the town, but I do know they air a show called Cookie Party hosted by a drag quee named Miniature Coffee, so I put in the CN Tower in hopes that it resembles a TV tower. I also know that Sarah took in a homeless man off the street, so I guess they don't have homeless shelters. (One less ordinance to pay for.)

I had a feeling Valley Village was near Los Angeles, so there's lots of pollution which affected land value severely. Notice all the shabby apartments. There are also no parks.

Unlike the other Base Cities, Urftown and Quirkland, Valley Village started in the northern part of the map, so there's not much near the port yet.

Despite all the coal power plants, incinerators, and trash importing, Valley Village holds a "kiss the mayor" holiday. I guess he keeps crime so low that even fussy babies are arrested.

(later...I googled Valley Village, and it really exists. It's in the San Fernando Valley.)

Back to work on Binkleyburg tomorrow unless I start writing again...
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Pictures of Urftown and Quirkland

Urftown's Mayor Kerfuffle hasn't yet developed the right bank of the terrain.

Urftown is a little smaller and richer than Quirkland.

The Base City map version called Quirkland (run by Mayor Sesame) has better education and health systems, and the mayor has a higher approval rating.

On the other hand, Quirkland has slightly lower land value and slightly worse traffic even though Quirkland put in a commuter train while Urftown didn't. I'm not sure I follow. Urftown does have more greenbelts. Hmm.

I'll have to see how Mayor Turnip does when his version of Base City (Binkleyburg) puts up with his problem: disasters. heh, heh, heh...
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First Entry

I don't play Sim City every day, and in fact I often go months without it, but it's still a big love.  One thing I do is have competitions between my cities.  I collect the statistics from all the towns and compile them to find out which one is "best."   Interestingly enough, two of my top three cities had disasters set to on.  Does that give the town a boost somehow?   On the other hand, one of my worst cities was an island town on the "difficult" setting that had frequent disasters. 

What I just started doing is taking the same undeveloped terrain and making several copies.  Then I'll see if different mayoral approaches produce different results.   I started in the year 2000 and ran the games for a 100 years. 

I took a small city with a North-South river and a coastline on the easy setting.

Urftown, run by Mayor Kerfuffle, started with dirty energy (coal), paid standard wages for police, fire, schools, etc. and sold its water for a while.

Quirkland, run by Mayor Sesame, started with clean energy (nuclear, then microwave and fusion) and could only provide below average wages.  Unlike Urftown, it did not pass a Industrial Pollutant Tax which allowed for more revenue, but it did need to allow for the Megamall which cramped business. 

Results?  Very close.  Quirkland put in a train system on top of the bus lines, but its traffic is slightly better in Urftown's which has no trains.  Quirkland's aura is a bit higher, possibly because I allowed them to have a parade (which takes much too long) and shortly thereafter, the city was offered a performing arts hall and a theme park.  Meanwhile, Urftown's land value is a bit higher, but I'm not sure why.

I may need to run them longer as well as try more mayoral styles.  Perhaps I'll have one version with disasters and one with an insane mayor who places his residence next to the toxic waste plant. :)

Question:  Can anyone get visitors to go to the Geyser Park?  I've done it a few times if I surround the Geyser Park with other parks, have a road that touches the Geyser Park, have a bus stop, and zone some light to medium commercial so a motel will develop.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  



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