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Cancel the Hmph. I think I'm impressed.

Article: How SimCity Teaches Us The Pinnacle of Urban Planning is a Totalitarian Death State.

Wow.  I thought I was doing well with Gargantopolis which I think has 2.6 million sims. 

This fellow's city, Magnasanti, has 6 million and he didn't cheat.  I thought he cheated.  It took him years to plan and craft his city.  There were no streets, but there were subways.  Actually, I noticed there were parking garages in Magnasanti.  Hmm, but no streets? 

Anyhow, more evidence that I'm a rank amateur. 

Cross Springs

That's not the official name of the town, but my friend is writing a book that takes place in Colorado in a made-up town that has decidedly good and bad neighborhoods.

Here's my attempt:

I guess you can tell the Eastern part is leafier and better kept up. The Western half is bleaker. I gave the bleak half hospitals, schools, and fire stations, but no parks or police stations. It's a bit hard to keep the green side from occasionally going abandoned because there's no industry over there.

Speaking of bleak, John brought be back a postcard from Anchorage. Wow, what an architecturally uninspired place! I guess I've only seen the one postcard and second, who wants to stand around in the cold building a masterpiece when you can build something unspecial so much faster and run inside to get warm.


My boyfriend got us tickets to Edmonton for no particular reason.

It looks like it's going to have a nice skyline. I wonder if this is the coldest city that I will have visited? They have something called "pedways" that allow people to move around downtown without being outside. I wonder if there are architectural differences for skyscrapers if there is extreme cold?

Phone Call City

Hi. This is the city I play when I'm on the phone, so I don't usually pay too close attention to how well this city is doing because I really do try to listen to the person I'm talking to.

But I did try to affect a change in Phone Call City. I wanted to move the downtown to the port area. It didn't look very promising, but then I blew up a lot of buildings behind the commercial district, effectively making it smaller.

Then I put in a lot of parks and baseball fields.

And it looks a lot better.

Difficult City

I started a city on the difficult level and pumped up the elevation and the trees. I also selected disasters.

It started off difficult, true, but after floundering for a while, the game offered me a msximum-security prison and a garbage importing deal. Now Difficult City is close to 500,000 dollars in the black. It's not a very pretty city. It's a bit more polluted than I would like.

Oddly, the disasters have been minimal. They're often bad on the "hard" level as well as frequent.

Here's the university neighborhood. For some reason, I always imagine college students wanting to live in low rise apartments. I usually put a "university hospital" nearby as well as a museum and a library. (There's almost always a hospital by the theme park, too)

Here's some of the industrial mess that afflicts Difficult City in 1994. I'm telling them to hold on. It will only be thirty years before they invent Microwave power. As it is, the next time Difficult City needs an additional power plant, it's going to be solar. It can't be nuclear with all those aliens blowing things up.
I haven't been able to post much since Sim City isn't working on my computer anymore. I'll get a new CD rom of it for Christmas, I think. But I thought I would post things I'm thankful for.

1. New York City
2. Vegas Casinos
3. Space needles and futuristic observation towers
4. Emporis
5. cathedrals and Gothic university buildings
6. The show, "Glee"
7. hugs
8. trains and buses
9. designated drivers
10. trees and hills

Springfield: Armpit of America's Buttcrack

A lot more is written about Springfield than Quahog so I was able to make it more distinct. One thing that I discovered is that websites estimate that Springfield has between 30,000 and 60,000 people, making it far smaller than any of the other base cities which, in this terrain, can probably hold up to 300,000 people.

If you saw the movie, you know how polluted Lake Springfield is. I placed a Toxic Waste Plant right by it to give that extra-murky touch it needed.

The giant house is, of course, Mr. Burns mansion, located at the intersection of Croesus and Mammon. Next to that is my version of Mount Springfield. Below the hills you'll find Pressboard Estates, location of Evergreen Terrace where the Simpsons live. Across the river you can make out a stadium. That could be The Duff Beer Krusty Burger Buzz Cola Costington's Department Store Kwik-E Mart Stupid Flanders Park or it could be Springfield Stadium, home of the Isotopes. And that could be Reverend Lovejoy's Presbylutheran Church. Of course, Springfield runs on nuclear power, however I did see an episode where Marge says they also have coal and oil plants in town.

I don't see a bright future for Springfield, especially with the lackluster police force I gave them to mimic the absurd Chief Wiggam, but perhaps I'll be surprised.

Clam ho - It's Quahog

For some reason this turned out to be my worst city, at least so far. I ran Binkleyburg another 100 years, and it's doing much better now, so maybe Peter Griffin's hometown will improve, too.
But for now it has bad crime, pollution, traffic, land value. Mayor Adam West certainly needs to shape up. )

I guess that enormous building behind the university could be Pawtucket Pat's Brewery. Somewhere down there is also the solid gold statue of Digg'em from Sugar Smacks (aka "Dig Them) and James Woods High School.


Persnickittstown is a low-density town that I see as sort of a Stepford. No gambling. There's a youth curfew. I have the Old North Church in most of my towns, but I see this one as actually getting some use. Those "larger" buildings are the biggest ones in town.

Even though I'm trying to make most of my towns as nice as possible, I have something against Persnickettstown. I think of it as a very judgmental and closed-minded place.

On the other hand, there's hardly any pollution. Even their seaport is sparkling.

Aha, notice the slum. Even prim and proper Persnickettstown has its low-rent districts.

Disaster Awaits You In Binkleyburg

Binkleyburg looks a bit run-down. Having disasters definitely hinders progress. I had thought it actually helped since my best old city was Disasterville. The towers in Binkleyburg are to deflect aliens from attacking expensive power plants. They still seem to attack seaports and airports.

Binkleyburg started on the right bank unlike the first two.

Conclusion: A decidedly average town. I've also created a conservative town with curfews and no gambling called Persnickettstown. Then I tried Family Guy's Quahog and The Simpson's Springfield. :)